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As a team of skilled architects and innovative designers, Embarc sees Architecture as more than just buildings. It is a collection of spaces that enrich the lives of those who occupy them and the harmony those spaces have with their surroundings.

To achieve that elusive relationship between person, space, and place, we collaborate with our diverse clientele and partnerships to create solutions that exceed expectations. In order to connect people experientially and socially, we form close relationships with our sites and neighborhoods, and the data we collect drives every aspect of our projects. This feedback loop of place, site, and design informs our work, ensuring each project has a unique and meaningful resolution.

Our clients are integral to our process as we balance the effects of place and space with their desires and requirements. By making our clients inseparable from the design process, we know that each project will include a diverse set of voices, further enhancing the architectural landscape.

Architecture is a collaboration. It is not just the efforts of clients, architects, consultants, and builders but the union of site, landscape, and place.



We create housing across different markets, from market-rate rentals to luxury condos. Our buildings are carefully thought through by taking in consideration of the landscape and community.

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Our breath of commercial projects range from cutting edge showrooms to bespoke retail. We carefully focus on patron engagement for the built space and use that as a guiding tool to ensure every project delivers.

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Having executed over 70+ brownstones throughout the South End, Beacon Hill and Back Bay we understand what it takes to rebuild and restore some of the finest building types in the city. We have a deep relationship with the various Landmark Commission’s to ensure every project we take makes it successfully through the process, beyond creating stunning homes for our clients.

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Our single families reflect our end users. Carefully crated down to the last detail, we enjoy being able to execute some of the finest builds for our clients. Our Interiors Team plays an integral role making sure every last decision is thought through and reflective in the end product.

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We enjoy crafting curated spaces for our Restaurant clients. Every project we embarc on pays special attention to who the restauranteur is, achieves an understanding of what the message is, and sets up an experience that their patrons can enjoy and come back to – whether it be an active after hours bar scene, or very fine dining.

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Master Planning & Historic Renovation

We approach all our master planning projects with the analysis of existing conditions, programmatic requirements, and systems-level thinking. We investigate and study the neighborhood to carefully stitch every new development into its existing fabric.

One of the best ways to enhance our existing environment is through the care and reuse of our historic buildings. We believe in preserving structures in a way that speaks to both history and context. Repurposing these buildings for future generations ensures that their stories are not forgotten and adds a new chapter to these buildings’ lives.

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Our Clients

We are proud to work with some of the most renowned residential, commercial, retail and institutional developers in New England: