7 Adams St Loft

This was an exciting project for Embarc Studio: our challenge was to help a family moving from the suburbs into a loft at the Baker Square condominiums in Dorchester. The main goal was to create inventive methods of meeting their storage needs while designing a space that would be conducive for family living. Walking into the raw space with the clients, we immediately saw the opportunity to open up the corner of the loft to create the new living/dining area, which gave opportunity for the new kitchen to tuck under the mezzanine level. Every square inch of space was considered valuable, including the under side of the stairs where we designed custom storage that was a direct play off of its form.

  • Client

  • Location

    Dorchester, MA
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  • Units

    1 Unit
  • Size

    2,300 sf
  • Photographer

    Flaunt Boston
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