72 Burbank St

To develop the design for the project we studied the existing context extensively. Out of that analysis we discovered that the site formed the end of a large urban room where the sidewalk narrows. Second to that we wanted to build off the rhythm of the bays of the existing masonry buildings.

As a result our building starts aligned with the existing building to the east then folds out to meet the adjacent building across an alley. Behind our folded masonry façade we then extrude a volume which then negotiates the two adjacent contrasting heights.

This project will be one of the first buildings going through the ZBA process modeling the new “Compact Living Policy” that the BPDA is currently initiating. The building will house 32 compact living units and over 600 SF of amenity space for residence to enjoy.

  • Client

    Fenway CDC
  • Location

    Fenway District
  • type

  • Status

  • Units

    32 Units
  • Size

    28,000 sf
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